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Drudge Report - Stop Refreshes on Drudge

Drudge Freezer

Clicking this link will kill any timers on my page, but there aren't any. It will work to kill timers on any page, but I built it for Drudge Report.

I like Drudge Report, but I HATE the automatic page refreshes.

This bookmarklet will stop them. Copy the bookmark to your favorites. When you go to Drudge, click this bookmark to disable the auto-refresh.

I also added a button that will hide images and ads. enjoy.

Free Republic Bookmarklets

Free Republic is a popular political forum. These two tools help to search for articles and to post articles. Click them while on a news article. The search will let you know if the article was posted. The "FR Post This" will aid in posting the article. It checks the source against a known list of sites that don't allow posting on FR and ones that require excerpting or just linking. It is only a helper. You still have to verify the keywords and other information that it picks up, but it does save time and it prevents having filled out an article only to have it rejected because the site isn't allowed.

FR Search

FR Search

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